How to Write Essay- 4 Easy essay Writing Tips


If you are struggling for writing essay, then through this article I am going to show four best steps for writing high quality essay. In essay writing the major thing that you should focus is essay subject. Next you have to think about the opening paragraph of essay. Your structure of essay should be well.  Here are four steps for writing high quality essay.

essay writing

1.Selecting a Subject for your Essay

The selection of subject for you are essay is very first thing when you writing an essay. What should be the theme of your essay? If you have a good and interesting subject of your essay it will enable you to concentrating on your struggles.   Try to pick a subject in which you are interested. In this way it will be essay for you to write essay much easier.  Even if a topic is given to you, try to find points of interest in it. There are many resources for writing essay like internet, e books and interviews of people.  Better the subject of your essay more the content you able to write for your essay.

2.Structuring your essay

The structure of an essay is very important part. You should learn about the structure of essay. Structure helps to your reader easily understand the points that you focusing in your essay. You can think structure as frame work around which you have to write or build your article.

You have to write important points in dots with few words when you are searching for the topic of your article.  At that point the order of these points does not matter. Now you can arrange them in any order and the order can be changed later.

3.Number of words in your essay

The total numbers of words for your essay are very important. It decide what should the length of your essay. If you have to write short article then probably you need less content and on the other hand if you have to write long article then you should have more content for your article.  Let’s say you have to write 2500 words for your essay. You have to decide the number of main points and sub points. Now you have to divide number of words to each main and sub points. Now it would be easy for you to write article. You have to write about 300 to 400 words for each main and sub point.  Also keep in mind you must have introducing, ending and conclusion paragraph for your article as well.

4.Essay content and analysis

After you have write down your main points, sub points and have decided the length of content. Next you have to write content for your essay.  You have to look at your main points what you have read about them and you have to write about these main points in your own words. If possible try to explain about main points in more informative way.

So, you have learned about writing essay in easy way!


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